Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Project Cardigan

Things are going pretty well around these parts: writing & thinking work is getting done, plans for more  such work are in place (which is greatly reassuring)...and a little crafting is underway too, knitting mostly.

Knitting and writing have a longstanding relationship in my life; this is good.  Very good.

And in addition to my writing goals for the summer, I now have some very lofty knitting goals too: since (when not on research leave) I live in cardigans and skirts in the fall-winter-spring (and even some of the's basically my work uniform), I would love to devote myself to some selfish knitting.  Cardigan knitting. Let's say, 5 new cardigans for wintertime.  Wouldn't that be nice?

PROJECT CARDIGAN! We're off to a good start, I'd say.

(1) The year began with an adaptation of Andi Sutherland's Agatha cardigan, made from a very delicious, earthy, mustardy colour of Cascade 220.  It is like a deep ochre with flecks of red in it.  I love it and have already worn this cardigan much more than any other sweater I have made for myself in 3 decades of knitting!

Agatha cardigan, adapted & complete

(2) And today I finished my version of Jane Richmond's Grace cardigan, made from Tough Love sock yarn by Sweet Georgia, in a yummy shade of pumpkin. I an indebted to another ravelry user for the yarn and colour choice...I really don't feel I can take credit for that at all!

grace cardigan, done!!

As I detail in my ravelry notes (follow the links above), I chose to make this sweater with some positive rather than negative ease and I lengthened the body and sleeves a wee bit.  I like the way the lightweight fabric drapes.  More comfy than having it be tight all around, I think.

Buttons for both are from my nice stash of vintage buttons, most of which were bought as a lot from ebay a few years ago. Apparently they had been in storage after a shop had closed down, and all were still on their cards with their (now) outrageously low prices printed on. The buttons I sewed on my grace cardi today are an odd bunch, in 2 shades of tangerine and 1 of pale yellow.  If the quirkiness of the buttons gets on my nerves, I'll switch them out at a later date.

There has been other knitting happening too, not all of it selfish, and also some charity sewing, but I'll hold all of that for another post, another time. For now, I'm going to rustle through my yarn stash and plan my 2013 cardigan #3. 

Happy stitches to you all!