Monday, June 24, 2013

Project Cardigan, chapter 2...and a whole lotta knitting, in general

I love sewing but my first crafty love -- knitting -- has been consuming me lately, being so perfectly suited to my life, my over-full mind, my desire to get away from anything with a plug (and away from the dining room table, which doubles as office and sewing space).

Knitting has been perfect and this summer it's a fair bet that whenever my hands are freed from the keyboard or pen/cil, they are holding knitting needles.

I realized last night that in all the years I've been knitting I have never made myself the kind of sweater I wanted to wear all the time...until this summer.  I don't know what's going on, but my knitting stars seem to be aligned this year.  My 3rd FO in Project Cardigan is my Favourite Sweater Ever (or at least to-date!).

This is my Blackberry cardigan, made from Elspeth Lavold Silky Wool and using Baby Cocktails pattern "Bailey's Irish Cream."


Blackberry v of "baileys Irish cream" cardi blocking! Yay!
progress shot -- blocking
I visited my dear friend Freda recently -- please do follow the link to her blog...she's one of the most interesting, smart, and complex women you could hope to meet! -- and my blackberry cardigan was perfect for the cool Chicago spring weather.

My one modification of any significance was the addition of horizontal (short row) bust darts -- my first, and they were really successful.


in case the giant pink arrow blocked your view, here it is again

It might seem odd to add short rows (I threw in about 5 pairs of short rows) to a lace pattern, but they really did blend in.  All that was eliminated in the patterning at the side seam was one cable crossover...I don't think I'd ever notice this if I wasn't looking for it, but the fronts of the cardigan hang SO much better than usual for me.

The next cardigan off the needles wasn't quite as fact, I haven't brought myself to do those last little bits of neatening and button sewing because I am ambivalent.

IMG_2219This short-sleeved cardi is made from a bamboo yarn and -- don't let it be said I wasn't forewarned (the nice guy at the cash register at Romni Wools tried to tell me!) -- it "grew," unpredictably.  In fact, this fits more like my sweaters of yore, too wide aound the shoulders and underarms. Ick.

But it might be okay....  It definitely looks best layered over a long-sleeved dress like the one I happened to be wearing when I was knitting the neckband.

The jury's still out, and I have put this aside for the time being.

Finally, there have been some little things flying off the needles, since I find that it's healthiest for me to have a couple of things going at once.

There have been two lacey things made from HandMaiden Sea Silk (one of my all-time favourite yarns), drawing on patterns in my beloved Japanese stitch dictionary.






I could rattle on, but I think that's PLENTY on knitting discussed in a single post!

By the way, you can find my work on instagram (I'm "enchantedbobbin") and ravelry (my account was set up years ago and then long's all pre-enchanted bobbin: there I'm "mother bunch"). So if you're interested in the little progress shots that fill out the time between posts, please look for me there!

Wishing you many happy stitches,