Thursday, March 31, 2011

the good, the bad and the ugly

First today, the ugly: some crooked "straight-line" quilting that I'm going to pick out.  Boo hoo.  Should have marked my first line, since every line just amplified the wonkiness.  I knew better, but it didn't stop me; I'm bad. Thankfully, you can't really see the ugliness in this photo...and thanks to my little seam ripper it will soon be only a memory.

Onwards to the good, the great, the beautiful: my new little friend, Dot.  She's unassuming, but loves to travel.

She's a good houseguest.

She's well-equipped for most any situation.

She has always been well-loved (look at the little labels on her bits and pieces!).

She's a beauty, and I feel very, very lucky to have her!!


Tong said...

the quilting looks fine from where i'm sitting! i just love the colours! and where did you find that gem of a vintage singer?! it's sooooo pretty!

Prof. S (the enchanted bobbin) said...

I just couldn't bring myself to post a close-up of those quilting lines. Blech. Anyway, it's going to be cute when all done :)

I am still glowing from the purchase of my 1948 Singer Featherweight!! I saw the listing on kijiji. I bought this today from a woman who coordinates estate sales, and she actually had two Featherweights to sell -- like mine, it runs beautifully, but the other one is even prettier (it has a scroll face rather than the striated one that I have) and therefore a little more expensive -- but still an **extremely** good price (hint, hint). The Featherweights are tiny, but supposed to be great for piecing. I'm telling myself that my little Featherweight is the perfect counterpart to the Horizon: old, compact & portable, straightforward. Yum, yum, yum!

monika said...

I have one too. It sews like a dream. I love your quilt and the wonky lines mean it was made by a human and not a machine. IYSWIM :) I love it.

verykerryberry said...

I have a mint green one. They are great for piecing as they sew really straight- the single hole in the needle plate and no swing make for the straightest of stitches

Unknown said...

Dot is a dream! So beautiful and tiny! Congrats on finding her! Enjoy! xom