Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I was explored!

Wait -- that sounds vaguely obscene.  Let me clarify: my photos were explored.

I have sometimes wondered how certain people -- people I don't know, who aren't in any of my online groups, and whose user names I have never seen before -- have stumbled across my photos on flickr.

Well, I just discovered that 4 of my flickr photos have been "explored" -- featured on flickr's "Explore" pages based on the site's "interestingness" algorithm (?!).  I was once a high school math whiz (although you wouldn't know it from my career choice), but I find it difficult to imagine how exactly  this algorithm functions.  Regardless, I am delighted to find out that it is working to circulate my photos.

Here are the pic's deemed worthy by my new best friend, the Interestigness Algorithm. 

Two were of recent quilt tops made for friends:

One was of a finished quilt made as a Christmas gift for my dear friend Freda:

 And the earliest was of the very first bee block I ever made (last May):

The results may signal that (1) I make my best work as gifts for others (I was thinking about this today as I finished quilting my orange string quilt -- more on that soon) and (2) work-in-progress shots sometimes get more traffic than those of finished objects.  Hmmmm.