Tuesday, August 30, 2011

late summer bounty

Didn't we just check the zucchini vines yesterday?!?

That's a 2.5 litre pyrex bowl, for the sake of perspective.  Apparently our tiny vegetable patch is not yet exhausted.

Today also witnessed delivery of some sewing-related goodies:

If you haven't yet explored Z & S Fabrics 50% off sale, you had better get your tush over there right now...it ends tomorrow.  The site is easily overwhelmed by web traffic, so it takes some patience to get your order placed, but it's well worth it. I think the Kona solids are all sold out, but if you search patiently by manufacturer you'll find some treasures.  This bundles includes some yardage of Kona snow and plum, and more "Miss Mod" prints for my Mystery Quilt.

I also received 20 little lovelies (Anchor pearl/perle cotton) from the U.K.

This fills out my stash of perle cotton very nicely...especially for someone who only just started to experiment with hand quilting.  Advice and suggestions are most welcome!!

Last but certainly not least is my Big Birthday Present:

Advice and suggestions for getting started with EQ7 are also most welcome!  Anyone for an EQ7-along?

I'd love to know what the last days of August have yielded in your neck of the woods!


Judith, Belfast said...

I think Lily's Quilts Flickr Group had a discussion thread on advice on using EQ7. Jxo

Jan Maree said...

Advice and suggestions re the pearle cotton? Well, I can't hand sew coz i have arthritus but the colours are so pretty - maybe arrange them on your wall as art? Just kidding....have fun with them. I look forward to seeing them in use in future projects!

Annabella said...

Love your perle cotton collection - so pretty, and off to check out the link so will keep it brief! Good luck with the EQ7 and using all those courgettes!

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

I love the perle cotton - gorgeous colours!

Still a Brooklyn Kid said...

The zucchini fritters were delicious!