Saturday, September 24, 2011

Farmer's Wife QAL blocks, week 17

It has been a full month since I last made a block for the Farmer's Wife Quilt-along: I managed just one block for week 13, the foundation-pieced "Waste Not."  I am currently in the midst of one of the busiest periods of my life (which happens to be saying a lot!), but I did manage to step away from the computer long enough to make up a few very easy Farmer's Wife blocks!  Yippee!!

It's easy to forget that mixed in with the wonderfully intricate blocks there are quite a few others in Laurie Hind's lovely little book that are really very quick and straightforward.  At a time like this, when I am being pulled in 1000 different directions but long for a little creative time, those easy blocks are just the ticket.

So here they are, my 3 blocks for week 17 of the QAL -- which, hooray, hooray, bring my total to 34, right up-to-speed with the QAL standard pace of 2 blocks per week.

First up,  block 61, "Northern Lights" featuring the Kaffe Fassett print that I have been working into select blocks for this project, paired with the large dots from American Jane "Peas and Carrots."

Next was block 68, "Postage Stamp," which challenged me to piece randomly...but I still found myself wanting to establish a little bit of pattern.  Here I used some Lecien basic dots (blue on white), the larger Peas and Carrots dots, some Momo scissors, and introduced a bit of a Joel Dewberry "Deer Valley" print called Meadow Lace.

And finally, here is block 69, "Practical Orchard," using the Meadow Lace again and some of the dark orange spotty fabric that I really like in these blocks.  I don't know for certain where it came from, but I think it may have been part of the Windham "Paper Dolls" line.  Anyway, I bought 1/2 yard of it at some point, and love the richness of the colour, the deepest orange you can imagine.

It's a very damp morning, so the group shot had to happen indoors.

Some thoughts about where to go next:

*I think that the next blocks I make need to continue to play up the blues, greens, and oranges.
*I am running very low on that gorgeous Lecien basic, the lime green with little yellow dots that pops in four of the blocks above, but I'm going to use every last scrap I have!
*I think the big red dots need a little more play in this project too.
*The orange "Peas and Carrots" floral can be retired...I had no idea I had used it in so many blocks until I started arranging blocks for this group shot.  Oops. 
*More Kaffe Fassett!!

Wishing everyone a relaxing weekend! By November I plan to have some relaxing weekends too :) Bye for now....


quirky granola girl said...

those 3 blocks are comforting piecing, aren't they?
i agree with your thoughts. it seems a little heavy in the yellow so far and the variety of green prints seems a bit low. that lime green lecien also reads on the yellow side to me. so, you could go one of two directions. you could add more blue, red and cooler greens. or you could stick with more yellow, orange and limey greens and your quilt top will read as more citrus-y. because that's how it looks to me now. like citrus punch with ice cubes of blue. the cooler blue recedes from my eye so even though you have a number of blue blocks, they don't stand out on their own.
anyway, i'm rambling, and i look forward to what you come up with next. :)

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

These look great and I agree with all your thoughts on the direction your next few blocks need to take. Laying them out is so handy for seeing what you need to add/stop adding for a while and I can't wait to see your next few blocks!

Michelle @ the quilted tortoise said...

How great are these looking all together! I don't have enough to have any togetherness yet :). I love the oranges and blues

Annabella said...

They are looking fabulous - making me wish I had done it now! More Kaffe Fassett...totally agree and then some. Take a look at my post today if you have a little time.

Jan Maree said...

what a gorgeous array of blocks - loving your colours choices - they work so well together

Prof. S (the enchanted bobbin) said...

Thanks so much, everyone! It feel so good to be back at this project -- and, really, it feels great just to be doing something for myself, and something that is NOT work-related :) Your generous feedback puts the icing on the cake; much appreciated!!

suemac said...

Your blocks look great together. No matter what direction you go in it has to make you happy,