Thursday, December 22, 2011

bags, bags, bags...and a sneak peek

Quick little post today about some quick stitching (and a sneak peek at a recent finish on a larger scale).

There have been lined drawstring bags, using Jeni's great tutorial (now gone viral!).  The first I made is the one on the left, which Frida uses for her beloved "pre-ballet" gear.  I also made a "Paris Cats" and raspberry oval elements bag of this kind for one for her little classmates, but failed to get a photo of it (it was cute, trust me!).  The remaining two are for Christmas presents, and I have a couple of larger ones in process for use as knitting bags.

There have been super-simple gift bags, made from some red and gold ticking stripe material, which I didn't realize was metallic when I bought it (online) -- but looks very season-appropriate now:

And I have a bigger finish, for which I'll get a proper photo soon.  For now, here are a few peeks:


LizA. said...

My goodness--you've been busy! I love the striped bags. The sneak peak looks very cute.....nice tease.

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

Love your sneak peek!! And the bags look great! Have a lovely Christmas!

Annabella said...

My goodness - so many lovely bags! Love the sneek peak - now let`s see the whole thing.

Kate said...

It is such a perfect pattern for knitting bag! Love your little Apples quilt!