Tuesday, May 22, 2012

FWQAL week 1001

...not really, it sometimes just feels like I have been making these 6.5" blocks for the past 20 years.

My sweet and talented friend Melinda -- who is making the most fabulous FW quilt, beautifully pieced, no fabric used twice (!!) in what will ultimately be 121 blocks -- tells me that it is actually week 43.

So here we are.  I have just a handful of blocks to go.

First I want to say that I feel lucky to know two Melindas, both of whom are making Farmer's Wife quilts.  And I know that I am very lucky to have my online friend Melinda farming alongside me as we near the finish line. Having a partner in this venture has really helped to keep me going...in fact it's hard to work on anything else right now. And since we are both planning to hand quilt our Farmer's Wife samplers, I'm hoping we can keep cheering each other on!

I am a bit short on time today (I have to help my son sign up for residence/the university dorms...AAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!), so I'll get to the point with my latest blocks.  The photos are not the best, but so be it.

FW block 57, Morning
block 57, Morning

FW block 38, Four Winds
block 38, Four Winds

FW block 89, Steps to the Altar
block 89, Steps to the Altar

FW block 105, Wild Goose Chase
block 105, Wild Goose Chase

FW block 79, Silver Lane
block 79, Silver Lane

FW block 67, Pine Tree
block 67, Pine Tree

FW block 53, Jackknife
block 53, Jackknife

FW block 93, Swallow
block 93, Swallow

I have received so many helpful and smart suggestions for the sashing colour -- thanks very much to everyone who has taken the time and energy to write to me on this topic.  I truly appreciate it.

I think I have settled on natural Essex linen for the sashing -- a choice which wasn't even in the running until it tumbled from the top shelf of my fabric cupboard when I was digging for navy blue. Since it was at floor-level, I decided to take a shot of some of my blocks with it -- and, viola!  I like it, I like it a lot -- especially against all that orange and sharp green and blue.

FW blocks on Essex linen

I have a book review and article edits to to do this week, and then June will bring an insane amount of work to my desk, as my writing partner and I do our final book copyedit checks, write and deliver a conference paper (jointly), and then each write a journal article. Oy.

 I can't really complain: this is all good work that I want to do -- but it won't allow me much in the way of (the ever elusive) work-life balance, at least not next month. So I'll continue to make hay/stitch when I can!

Best to all.


quirky granola girl said...

this morning i was so proud of myself when i finished 3 blocks and posted them and i thought i'd be close to catching up to you again....and then i saw that you made another 4 blocks. silver lane is sitting on my sewing table waiting for me right now. what is your favorite block of this latest batch? i happen to be in love with the pattern for jackknife. yours makes me think of camping and using a knife to cut cheese to go on hummus sandwiches. hmmm...camping sounds good on such a beautiful day like today.

Nic said...

Just found your blog today from Melinda's blog. Glad I followed the link. Where to start?
Love your blocks. They look so bright and happy. I especially love your orangey blocks in this post. Which is wierd, because I'm really not an orange girl.
Your choice of sashing fabric is perfect. What a happy accident.
Ooh, handquilting. Looking forward to watching that journey. I'll be handquilting as well, but you'll be starting much sooner an I as I've only done 35 blocks so far. Are you hand piecing the blocks too?
Wow, the work stuff sounds great. What field are you in? Yes, the work-life balance can be rather elusive. I hope you're better at it than I. I'm stepping off the academia path because I found I just couldn't get that balance while on it. My new adventure starts in two weeks, and to say I'm nervous would be an understatement. Good luck with the book, papers and conference.

teacupfaery said...

I am in love with all these little colourful blocks :) I love the fabric choices you have made and I know this quilt will be beautiful. So far I have only made quilts with huge blocks or simple squares but you've tempted me to think about something more complex.

Melinda said...

Hello, hello! Jeez, a girl goes offline for a few days and look at all the fun she misses! I love that you have two Melindas. Hello, other Melinda! J - this is fantastic!! These blocks are so perfectly yummy. The fussy-cutting on Swallow and Morning? So. Good!! And the Essex linen is perfect. Happy accident, indeed! Go team Jennifer & (other)Melinda!!

Kim Brackett said...

Beautiful blocks! I love the sashing color, too. Quite an accomplishment!