Saturday, June 9, 2012

Getting basted on a Saturday night

Tonight I rolled up the rug, blocked the front door with the sofa, and basted my dad's king-sized quilt! It wasn't a pretty sight, but we're all friends here, right?

basting isn't pretty

Of course, Penelope was quite a pest while I was taping the back to the floor -- and she was much relieved when the whole process was done. Finally, she seemed to say, my comfy spot.

finally, a comfy spot!

I spent a long, long time at Sew Sisters yesterday, searching for a backing fabric that would work well with this quilt and not break the bank (!). The sweet staff of the shop and many rounds of their customers helped out. It was a team effort and I finally made a choice -- wallpaper roses from Heather Bailey's Pop Garden. The colours harmonize remarkably well with Secret Garden, and I don't think I would have been able to make this call if I were shopping online (my usual route). There is definitely something to be said for the brick-and-mortar shopping venue. My dad wanted something fresh and peaceful and I think this fits the bill. I love it!

my helper

Next up: quilting this monster! I used a lovely king-sized wool favourite batting. While pinning, it struck me that it would be awfully nice to use wool for my Farmer's Wife quilt, since I'm planning to hand quilt it...I might just need to visit the Connecting Threads batting sale.  Hmmm....

I hope you all are having fun tonight. I think it's time for a stiff drink and some episodes of Storage Wars.

I really know how to live it up.

Bye for now!


Catherine said...

the quilt is looking amazing and the backing fabric is just perfect. I do most of my shopping in real shops and they are always so helpful

LizA. said...

Lovely--the backing is perfect. I give you a lot of credit for wrestling that big a quilt on your sewing machine. I never tried anything that large and I still did a lot of swearing. That's why I bought a HandiQuilter.