Saturday, July 21, 2012

news from the south

I love living in Canada, but one thing that is a little frustrating about our border with the U.S. -- especially now that I have so little time to look for things I need in person, and have come to depend on online retailers -- concerns shipping.  The free shipping deals available to our southern neighbours don't apply here, and we can end up paying up to 30% more for the exact packages ordered by our friends in the U.S.  For many, many reasons it is often a better idea to shop locally, even if the sticker prices seem higher.  That is, it is a better idea when the things I need are available locally...and when I can find the time to go shopping.

Anyway, I might be the last to this party -- but I just discovered that Jo-Ann's now delivers to Canada!  

Allow that to sink in.  (Or maybe you already knew?)

Most of the Denyse Schmidt prints are exempted from this new arrangement (their licenses must be limited to the U.S.) -- but several lovelies from her older lines are available (on sale right now), and the tools...oh, the tools!  I am looking forward to trying a pounce pad, some thimble-alternatives (sticky), some new hand-quilting needles (I broke about 5 of them on my dad's king-sized quilt), a dresden ruler, a pyramid ruler -- all on sale and with coupons!

Ay yay yay!  

It's almost more shopping excitement than this northerner can take!!


Little Island Quilting said...

Have you tried Hancocks of Paducah? Every so often they have free worldwide shipping. Spookily enough they have that at the moment (till 24 July).

Bending Pins said...

Thank you!!! BTW, Hancocks does not ship to Canada but am so glad to hear Joanne's does!

My favorite online shops are Hawthorne Threads (best prices), Fat Quarter Shop (precuts), PinkedFabircs on Etsy (awesome customer service) and (excellent for basics, always in stock!).

I wish I could purchase from Canadian suppliers but a) their prices are always WAY more expensive, b) they don't carry entire lines c) selection is never great. I love Canada too but not for fabric!

Prof. S (the enchanted bobbin) said...

Oh, you have a treat in store because Hancocks of Paducah is a different company and they have very good shipping to Canada (incredibly slow -- it can take a month to arrive, but does so through Canada Post). Check out their sale section. I think you would like their precuts and PQ packs on sale.

Sue said...

Aussies have the same issues with pricing. I've tried my pounce pad a few days ago for the first time. Love it. It really does iron off. You might want to go outside when you are first whacking it on your hand to get the powder through. I found there was a fine dust floated off. No probs when I was using it, though. Please have a show and tell when you get your goodies! I'm on Hancock's of Paducah's site right now.....Free worldwide shipping...gotta love it! is where I go for books. It is their British site and has free shipping....The guys at my post office know me by my first name and just automatically go to get the books now. lol

Chelsea said...

There must be something in the air, because I just discovered that on Friday, too! I hadn't realized that older ds items weren't restricted so I'll have to take a second look.

Bethany said...

This is exciting news! Thanks for letting us know :)