Saturday, September 22, 2012

odds and ends

Getting the semester started, home life reconfigured (now estrogen-heavy, with my son off at university), and a massive manuscript ready for typesetting has left very little time for crafting and none for blogging...but I have worked in a few stitches here and there.  Here are my various odds and ends.

First the ends, since I have little in the way of finished objects to reprot. Earlier in the week, my extra yard of Melody Miller's orange retro clocks arrived (thank you, dear Brenda @ Pink Castle!!).   That very day I prewashed and finished cutting pattern pieces from view A of a stashed skirt pattern, McCall's 6290 (but with no pockets or ornamentation).

I hadn't had my sewing machine out for at least 3 weeks, so it felt great to stitch up this very simple skirt.

Melody Miller clocks, M6290 (modified)

The pattern is more flared/A-line that it looked from the envelope...didn't like that much, so I tapered at the centre back seam by about 1.5". Kindly ignore the chain-link, broken concrete, and plastic wheelbarrow.....

The skirt doesn't really swing up at the back, despite how it looks below...but as you can see, the Melody Miller linen-cotton does soften up a lot when washed, and wrinkles a bit.  A bit imperfect (as always), but love it!  
Melody Miller clocks, M6290 (modified)

In this photo, it looks like our little knight is giving it a thumbs-up too.  At least, I think that's what he's doing....

One more finish: my "diagonal lace" socks, very comfy but a little floppy.

a good day for wool socks

I started a second pair from Wendy Johnson's book, this one is "trilobite"... and this time I'm going down to 1.5 mm needles. I knit 'em fast and loose, dontcha know.

trilobite start

Now the odds: 

I have made tiny, tiny bits of progress on current English paper piecing projects, first mermaid stars, where I appliqued one and just surrounded myself with the others to brighten up a long work day, many hours spent alone at the computer.

first mermaid star appliqued

seeking some inspiration during a long work day

I am inching my way towards the finish line with the Loulouthi photo available right now, but soon.

I really miss being at the sewing machine.

Remedy: over the past two weeks I jave committed myself to a couple of projects with schedules and deadlines...and that should help to turn things around:)

Mouthy Stitches 2

There's Mouthy Stitches 2, a swap in which we're making our secret partners an interpretation of a reversible totebag pattern. Shhhh, can't say much about this....

And then there's quite a serious gament sewing project: Gertie's coat sewalong, which uses her newly-released pattern for Butterick:

My sewing friend Melinda and I will be making our coats together, which will help immensely!  Our patterns are on order and we're already dreaming about wool and lining combinations...sure to bring about another garment-sewing deviation from my Stash Love pledge, but with the incredible displays of self-restraint I have exhibited this month (in the face of massive sales at some favourite fabric shops), I'm holding my head high.



Lesly said...

Love that skirt! Such fun! Super envious of your coat making plans - I haven't sewn garments since I was in my 20s but from time to time I feel (and resist, so far) the urge. Like you, I am so under the gun with the beginning of the term (two new courses, eek!) plus a looming SSHRC app. I am itching to get to my machine, especially after having dropped serious coin at The Workroom yesterday.

Nic said...

I look forward to watching the coat being made. Might have to bookmark the SAL. I'd love to join in, but need to work my way up to a coat.

Knitting looks good. I have a similar guage problem and always need to drop down needle sizes.

Hope things calm down and you can get more me time in there soon

Annabella said...

LOL - love the pics of you and the knight! You look great even headless and almost torso-less as does the skirt. Lovely projects.

Hoola Tallulah said...

WOW, you have so much going on, all of it fabulous! I am especially loving your paper pieced stars, the fussy cut mermaids are glorious, swooon!

Prof. S (the enchanted bobbin) said...

Thanks so much, my sweet bloggy friends. I was really feeling like I was getting nowhere in my various sewing projects...but writing this post and hearing your feedback has given me a boost :)

quirky granola girl said...

you are amazing. that skirt is absolutely gorgeous. i never would have thought of that fabric for clothing. your finished socks are dreamy and i love the start of the new sock (especially perched on your toes). and your Mendocino EPP? swoonworthy. and i can't wait to see your coat fabric ideas. if i had someone to help me make fabric decisions for clothing i'd probably sew more of it :)
i'm working on some 1" hexies EPP tonight and thinking of you :)