Sunday, January 13, 2013

Eeek! My Ruby Star skirt!

I just saw that my Ruby Star skirt was featured on the blog of Brenda's wonderful shop, Pink Castle Fabrics! Eeeek!

Melody Miller clocks, M6290 (modified)
That photo is from last September -- here's the original post, if you'd like to read a wee bit more about the skirt. The sight of bare legs and toes (and my messy back'd that wheelbarrow end up in my photoshoot, anyway??? I have to have a word with my photographer) makes me long for springtime...especially because this spring I will be travelling with my sweet sewing friend Melinda to Brenda's Camp Stitchalot!  Double eeeek! And Ms. Ruby Star herself, Melody Miller, will be there!

Phew, time to calm down and get a start on this rainy Sunday.

A final little note: I am feeling a bit destabilized by the fact that my sewing machine is getting serviced right now (I have been sewing a lot since the fall semester ended)...soon it will be purring happily again.  But in fact I am considering selling it in favour of an all-metal, non-computerized workhorse, maybe-just-maybe the Juki 2010q (I'm going to test drive one soon), which may be better suited to what I really do on the machine than is the fabulous Horizon I currently have.  More on all this soon, so many details to contemplate and to resolve....Of course, I always welcome your advice and words of wisdom!

In the meantime I am going to dream of sunny days, smooth stitching, a tidy craft cupboard and a clean desk....

Best wishes for a very happy, peaceful day.