Sunday, February 27, 2011

a little knitting

We had a big (surprise) snowfall last night, and it might not last (there's rain in tomorrow's forecast), so my husband and littlest one are building a snowman while they can.

Meanwhile, I took the opportunity to get some pic's of recent knitting: mittens big and small, photographed in their natural habitat:

Both pairs are from one of my most well-worn knitting books -- not one of my vintage books (although I do have a nice collection!), but a reprint of an older book.  Interestingly, there is absolutely no bibliographic info provided, so exactly when this classic little book of nordic mittens, hats and ski socks was first published, I do not know.

I would gladly make new mitts for my older kids, but apparently teenagers generate enough warmth to go mitt-less, hat-less, and scarf-less all winter long.  Hmmmm....

Anyway, this apparently is the fate of the mitts when they have been outgrown:

I'm glad someone is using them!!


Still a Brooklyn Kid said...

Mittens rule! Cool snowman!