Sunday, March 20, 2011

a 2-year-old's taste vs. mama's taste

I have recently come to the realization that my littlest one is drawn to colours that I don't usually choose -- bright, sunny, acidic colours that I like but almost always dismiss in favour of soft, faded, earthy tones.

For a while now I have had the sneaking suspicion that the quilt top I had intended for her double-sized bed was going to be loved by me, but not by her: it is the one from Bee (A Little Bit) Japanese:

and it was meant to replace the Hello Betty-Kitty quilt that is too small for her current mattress:

You may be wondering why a 2-year-old has such a big mattress...but some of you have probably intuited that the big mattress indicates a toddler who has trouble sleeping on her own.  Yes, this bed is also my bed (most of the time).  Hopefully that will change soon -- we're going to work on it once the semester is over.  In the meantime, the skimpy kitty quilt means that mama's getting cold, so a bigger quilt is needed!

Miss F loves fabric and loves quilts, but she has had no particular attachment to Hello Betty-Kitty and shows no enthusiasm for the Japanese quilt top.

On the other hand, she became instantly attached to a charm pack of "Verna" -- which is now hers and hers alone, stored in a cookie tin for her games of "quilties" (in which she arranges the squares on the floor).

I have slowly clued in to the fact that the quilts I have (ostensibly) made for Miss F's bed speak more to my taste (what I would have loved when I was tiny!) than they do to hers.

So something new is brewing, and it involves a scrap bag of Verna (a big score from Fabric Depot in Portland OR), scraps of Heather Ross and assorted Japanese prints and a LOT of pink and chartreuse. 

This one's really for YOU, my little bean!!

More to come....


Dr. Jump said...

That's the enchantment of miss F's world: a simple cookie tin with fabric scraps magically becomes a beautiful quilt that she’ll cherish forever.

Prof. S (the enchanted bobbin) said...

You're so sweet, Dr. Jump! This project is going to be so much fun....

Julie S. said...

I was so aware of my Sunshine's color preference, but it is hard sometimes to work with "foreign" color pallets. Great opportunities arise, however, and this sounds great! Oh, and by the way -- you can send me that Gorgeous Japanese quilt, if it's just hanging around ;^p