Saturday, April 2, 2011

nine-patch for another spring baby

Tomorrow I am co-hosting a baby shower for the baby-group friend who is expecting her 2nd baby in just a couple of weeks.  She liked the idea of a baby-group-mommies' reunion, but specifically asked for NO GIFTS.  Of course, I had already made her forthcoming baby a little something-something, oh well....You can't really tell a quilter friend NOT to give a baby gift, can you?  Maybe quilts don't count.

And one of the other mommies in our little group is ALSO expecting a 2nd baby.  Hers is due in May, but while we're all gathered tomorrow I'm going to discreetly pass her a little gift too.

This second baby quilt is just a simple nine-patch, but I love the citrusy colour palette, the "Tufted Tweets" prints, the little elephants  (centre of each block and the full back) brought a little sunshine into the house, even if I did have to unpick some lousy straight-line quilting.

The quilting is still straight-line, but now in a bright tangerine, with a solid aqua binding:

I hope each baby enjoys his/her quilt and that each momma can forgive my rule-breaking.


Tong said...

what sweet little quilts they are! i love the elephants backing fabric for the green and blue quilt, what is it?

Prof. S (the enchanted bobbin) said...

Thanks Tong!

The elephant print is Robert Kaufman "playday." I bought it at Fabric Depot in Portland two summers ago...and it had been in the stash for far too long. Sad as I am to see (most) of it go, I am very happy thinking about it pleasing a little baby!!

When I tried to get a photo of this quilt on the living room floor, little Miss F rolled all over it -- enthusiastic about the sea of little elephants -- so Miss C and I had to take to the streets today.

Jan Maree said...

Grogeous quilts and i am sure both babies and their mums will love them!

Prof. S (the enchanted bobbin) said...

Thank you, Cherry!!

Unknown said...

Lovely quilts...makes me want to have a baby! Or at least a baby shower so you can break the rules again! :-) xo m