Saturday, January 7, 2012

Leaving the farm?

My love affair with the farmer's wife blocks may be at an end...the passion has certainly cooled.

As determined as I was to see this 100+ block sampler project through to the end, I have to admit that I am losing steam -- although I have 100+ ideas for new projects!

After a very lengthy hiatus, I made three new FWQAL blocks today.  The first was a little beauty, and I still felt good about things at that point:  here is block 32, Farmer's Daughter:

This evening I made two -- count 'em -- versions of block 19, Checkerboard.  Small variances in my 1/4" seams (I am working with the Featherweight right now...more on that later!) across five blocks in each (diagonal) row added up to a block that was about 1/4" under size.  Here is take two, which is to size -- but not the most interesting block I have ever made:

And then, finally, I made block 22, Corn & Beans, which has (I know) caused some people in the QAL some grief -- but which I actually enjoyed making.  What I don't enjoy is looking at the finished block, which is a smidge too big and much too "dotty" (all those small dark polka dots emphasize imperfections -- bad choice on my part).


After this, it was time to take stock -- so I spread out all 43 completed blocks on my kitchen floor for a group shot.

The conditions are not ideal; it is hard for anything to look its best on our kitchen floor, at night, with our nasty overhead light.  I think I could make a nice looking lap quilt from what I have (perhaps eliminating or adding just a couple of blocks), maybe with white sashing and dark orange-red cornerstones.  But I don't know that I want a queen-sized quilt from these blocks...I just don't know.

If I do decide to continue with this project, I might make the next twenty blocks in a much more limited palette and then reassess.  Then again, there are soooo many other things I would like to make, that it is hard to contemplate making another 20 - 68 blocks if I'm lacking conviction and passion.  Time for a break, methinks.

Next post will be a much more upbeat report on my winter knitting, which is all about Norwegian mittens this year!


Katie said...

Lol lol and more lol! I know what you mean, I'm 20 blocks into the dear Jane - and did the last one at least 4 months ago ;) I daren't put my to do on paper... Anyway I digress, I love your blocks, I also thought maybe a deep green for the cornerstones? Also you could do some nine patches to alternate if need be... Or just let it sit, get into the next project and come back when you're ready ( as my DJ lives in hope)
Best x x x

Annabella said...

Love the farmer`s wife - she is indeed a beauty! If I were you, I would get it sashed and basted, quilted and bound as soon as possible. You will have a beautiful if smaller quilt and you can concentrate on projects you really love.

Debbie said...

I totally agree with Annabella - what I was going to say!

Catherine said...

I think you have lovely blocks there and as Annabella said, i would make them in to a quilt right now!

Prof. S (the enchanted bobbin) said...

Thanks SO much for your sweet words!

I woke up feeling much better about this whole project, and it's a funny thing: having permission (from all of you and from myself) to *stop* has inspired a new resolve to plough forward (?! I won't even attempt to psychologize myself here). I ordered "Triangulations" software to help with the tiny HSTs found in so many of the remaining blocks, and that has made the whole thing feel much less daunting. This may be a 2-year-project (!).

We'll see....

Thanks again :)

Judith, Belfast said...

These look so lovely altogether! Like the others I'd be tempted to make it into a quilt now, with a border and at least feel like it's finished. All depends on how much stamina you feel you have! Jxo

Hoola Tallulah said...

They look so beautiful together, keep going, it will be SO worth it!

Michelle @ the quilted tortoise said...

Your blocks are AMAZING!!! I know it doesn't help make up your mind just because we all love them and I don't actually know what I'd recommend. Part of me says "yep, sash and finish now and move on" and another part says "make more make more"! Helpful aren't I?!?!

Sheila said...

Sounds like you really want to cut and run - that's not a failure, you will have learned from these blocks and at least you have enough to make a useable quilt.