Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Project Ramone

Remember Ramone, the (formerly) stray cat who adopted us last month?

Well, I'm happy to report that he is doing great!  I hope I won't bore you to tears by offering a full account of Ramone's journey towards domestication. He has turned out to be the gentlest cat I have ever known -- he is a total sweetheart, completely submissive to plump old lap cat Penelope (despite the fact that he is a young street kid and infinitely stronger than she).

When Ramone first turned up on our doorstep, we were immediately struck by the fact that Penelope -- who hisses and spits and puffs up at the sight of any strange cat -- was completely relaxed around this new little visitor. Interesting.  They even touched noses through the window screen. Hmmm.

We fed Ramone for about a week, and after a family survey and blind ballot we named him...a sure sign that we were growing attached.

Then he disappeared. And then I spotted him on the porch of a local house that supports a feral cat colony.  "Oh, Ramone!" Our eyes met.  He didn't show his face around here for about a week.

And then he came back.

And he looked terrible.  Skinnier than ever, lethargic, and sad looking.

We had never managed to touch him, he looked sickly, and this time around I was feeling very hesitant about feeding him.  Did we want a sick, unfixed male cat hanging around?  Well, no. And I couldn't imagine ever being able to get him to the vet.

My daughter Chloe decided to set up a cat carrier as a little hideway on the front porch, with the hope that Ramone might take to it.  I was skeptical, I'll admit it.  But within 10 minutes -- Ramone was in his box!  He had just saved his life.

Long story short: we got Ramone to the vet, he was neutered and immunized, he went through a course of antibiotics to treat his infection-related anemia...and now he is thriving.  He has discovered that he loves being petted -- so much so that any time I raise my hand to take a photo, he dives at it for a pet.  So most recent pictures look something like this

or this

or this (you can see that Penelope is continuing to keep a close eye on her new sibling)

But I did get one decent picture while my husband played interference with the cat treats.

Ramone has lots of scars and F.I.V. -- souvenirs of his rough start in life.  He is also a little skittish, unaccustomed to the kinds of noises and activity characteristic of indoor family life. But he is a total sweetheart and (I know I'm biased) isn't he a cutie?  I love him.

Ramone likes little corners and hideaways so I'm planning to make him a couple of little houses.  I have ordered a back issue of Stitch for this pattern by Penny of Sew Take a Hike:

I have the perfect fabrics for this project...can't wait.

Okay, that's Ramone's story to date.  In the coming months I hope to have some pictures of him curled up on a quilt, safe from winter storms! I can think of no better use for a quilt.

Have a good day, everyone.


Tong said...

Yay! So glad to hear that Ramone is doing well. Is he in the house most of the time now? He is such a little cutie, and it's so great of you (and your family) to give him a loving new home =) That little cat house is adorable, can't wait to see your version!

Prof. S (the enchanted bobbin) said...

Thanks Tong! Ramone just spent his first night indoors, but he is coming inside for spells of time every day. He seems to be getting used to being inside, with the front door closed. And he can never resist the combo of little kissie sounds and fingers rubbed together: he comes straight in for a pet. Good boy, Ramone.

aksherry said...

awww, what a sweet kitty. I am glad you adopted him!!

LizA. said...

Aww, what a heartwarming story. I'm so glad to hear things are looking up for Ramone.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

A lovely story and a very stylish cat house!

Prof. S (the enchanted bobbin) said...

Thanks everyone! Ramone's outside sunning himself right now, but I know that he appreciates all the love too :)

Sheila said...

I love a good cat story - isn't it great how the old girl took to him ok? My daughter was adopted by a stray about a year ago and he now is well settled in their household.
Ramone looks like a fine fellow, shiny coat.

Catherine said...

Awww, what a lovely story and what a cute cat. Glad there is a happy ending

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

So glad to hear he's doing well - gorgeous house, Archie would love one!!