Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Giveaway winner!

So after a year of blogging I finally figured out how get capture the image from the random number generator on my Mac (thanks to another Jennifer, from the blog Finally in First), so without further ado...my stash raider is

                                               ...number 35, my bloggy friend IsisJem! Yay!

While Jan won the giveaway with her "extra" entry as a follower of the Bobbin, she did indicate something about her stash raiding preferences in her previous entry:

Hmmm, looks like she's pretty easy to please!  While I do read her blog (we have been in touch since last summer's Hexalong), I now have a reason to go snooping around to get ideas about what she might like best.

That will be fun!

Thanks to all for the entries and sweet messages.  Happy stashing!


Wendy said...

congrats to IsisJem on her win!

Sheila said...

Woo hoo, well done Jan.

Gill said...

Thanks for a great giveaway and congratulations to Jan!

Isisjem said...

Oooh I'm so excited :-) thank you!

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

Congratulations Jan, you seem to be on a winning streak!! (If I remember correctly, which is doubtful at the moment!)

Annabella said...

Congrats to Jan, and as the lucky recipient of some of your strings she is sure to receive something lovely from you.