Sunday, February 5, 2012

sneak peek Sunday


This project -- a birthday present-in-progress, with the car theme selected in consultation with the b-day boy's parents -- has already transformed beyond what I'm showing here, but just for now here is a little sneak peek....

My sewing project load has officially entered OVERDRIVE / CAUTION / EXTREME CONDITIONS zone!

Let's take stock for a moment, shall we?  I have FOUR projects completely pieced, and now awaiting basting and quilting --

* the Bee (A Little Bit) Japanese quilt-top
* Frida's "big softie" / Folksy Flannels quilt-top
* Jackson's green quilt-top
* Northern Star / Made in Cherry QAL quilt-top

And I now have 5 piecing projects on the go:

* King Bear Paw
* Swoon
* Vroom-vroom
* Farmer's Wife QAL
* Mystery Quilt


Has anyone else ever scattered their creative energies among so many projects at once?  I used to take a sewing project from start to I console myself by looking forward to several finishes, soon (I hope).  It will be a relief!


LizA. said...

Fear not--you are in good company here. I'm too embarrassed to even count how many I have going......

Sheila said...

I think it's good to have projects at different stages - you have taken that to new heights tho! Ha!

Susan said...

One thing for sure, you won't get bored!