Friday, March 16, 2012

all I'm good for

I'm pretty useless today, and feel VERY lucky to have such an amazing husband: he gave Frida a fun and active day, taking advantage of the beautiful weather while I convalesced at home.  And now he's making dinner.  He's an angel (with a little devilishness thrown in there, too!).

All I seem able to do today is make easy Farmer's Wife blocks.  "Easy" in this case means blocks I can make without using templates (not up to that!).  In some cases this also entails some adaptation of the designs as they appear in the book (guessing on proportions).

Some of these I like better than others, but that's the nature of a sampler quilt, right?  That's what I'm telling myself, anyway :)

I'll start with my favourite of the morning blocks, Prairie Queen:

Feeling a bit lukewarm about block 107, Windblown Square:

 and block 98, Waterwheel:

But that's okay.

And it certainly didn't stop me from making an afternoon set, in slightly more cheerful colours I think.

Here's block 108, Windmill:

Block 111, Wrench:

and block 109, Windows:

This brings my FW total to 61, past the halfway mark.

Looking forward to some healthy, active days -- even if that means a slowdown on the FWQAL front.


Jan Maree said...

Loving your blocks - hope you are feeling better soon - and don't we all need a hubby with a little devil hidden inside!

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

Feel better soon xx

Annabella said...

You sound discombobulated too! Hope you are better today and love your FW blocks!