Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a long Wednesday

There are no work-in-progress shots today.

This is the mid-point in a pretty crazy week here, with all three kids off school for March break but my hubby and myself still trying to plow forward through week 9 of our 12-week teaching semesters.

Yesterday was a busy but really great day, with my friend and collaborator Christine making a guest appearance in one of my undergrad seminars.  We have done almost all of our research and writing together long-distance (thank you skype), so this is a rare treat to work side-by-side.  With everything we were trying to accomplish during her visit, we agreed that the most difficult task for us was getting a decent photo to send to a campus reporter.  We can talk and theorize endlessly, but try to get us relaxed in front of a camera? Ha!

So the choices were either too relaxed --

Or something that allows us to maintain a little dignity while still looking like ourselves -- or at least ourselves after two 90-minute commutes, two seminars, and South Indian take-out. I'll leave you to guess who is who :)

Christine has to do research on her own today, because while my Wednesdays are usually grading-and-prep-and-sanity days, March break means that today will be a childcare day too.  Right now Frida is watching an episode of the Backyardigans; and did I immediately start grading?  Well, no, it is 8:30 a.m. and I hardly slept (cue sad violins), so instead I attempted to get a few shots of some sweet FQs that arrived from the UK yesterday.

Last year -- the year of the VQB/virtual quilting bee, for me -- I helped Kaelin to coordinate Bee (A Little Bit) Japanese.  This is where I met Paula, who is not only a lovely person and talented quilter but also an independent fabric designer. I love using unusual fabrics, ones you won't see everywhere, and these little lovelies are the latest additions to my stash.

Of course, Ramone had to hijack this photo shoot as per usual.

Ramone is apparently a much better photo subject than his humans...if only the university paper wanted to do a story on him!

Happy Wednesday!