Friday, May 4, 2012

little things

Deep in writing, deadline and road trip looming, some little things are still being sewn.

Yesterday I whipped up two little bags for our friends' daughters, whom we will see soon...can hardly wait.

2 little bags

This was a nice opportunity to use some favourite fabrics (Far Far Away II and Ruby Star Shining, to be exact), and to finally make some fabric-covered buttons (and hair elastics for the closures). No pattern...all easy as pie, plenty of time left in the day for a haircut and some editing.

little bag #1

little bag #1

little bag #2

a peek inside

Made a wee version for Frida too, perfect for carrying along a dolly on the bicycle ride to school.

getting ready to ride

carry along

I have also dipped into my new stash of Oakshott fat-eighths -- my half of the CoulourBox I split with Melinda.  Ooooo, they are lovely.

I am teaching myself hand-piecing using Jinny Beyer's wonderful book Quiltmkaing by Hand.  I have had this book for over a year -- long enough for Penelope to chew off one corner.

I love this book (and so does Penelope, who was been nibbling the lower lh corner)

Beyer describes how she uses her pattern "Columbia" to teach beginners (!).  It's pretty impressive looking, but she breaks it down into stages of piecing that work from the simple (straight lines, joining squares) to the more challenging (curves and Y-seams).

"Columbia" from Jinny Beyer's _Quiltmaking by Hand_

For this first hand-piecing project I am using a range of blue Oakshotts -- combined with a couple of yellow and chartreuse shades too, white Essex linen, and a blue border print from 1001 Peeps -- so many favourite things in one project!  Yay!

fabrics for "Columbia" (hand-piecing project)

I have made a little progress, and these ultimate "little things" are coming along with us on the road trip next week.

learning to hand piece

"Columbia" in progress

progress-to-date, "Columbia" hand piecing

I'm sorry to be abrupt, and that I haven't been able to keep up with online quilty frineds, but I mustmustmust get back to work.  I am feeling the pressure of needing to complete the writing of a one-hour keynote (which will be videotaped, gulp).

Best to all!


Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

cute little bags....and such a cute little girl :)

Sheila said...

Fab wee bags. Good luck with the hand piecing project.

Annabella said...

Oh I thought you were perfectly lovely and not abrupt at all. The bags are super cute, as are the adorable pics of Frida! Enjoy your hand sewing on the road trip. Y seams - I have to master those for the Camelot quilt.

Nic said...

I love that book! I've been contemplating making one of the projects from the book, but I'd already started her moonglow when I bought it. Of course what I'd already done was crap, so I restarted it using the tips given in the book. Aren't they super useful!