Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Swoon! Or how I got stuck hand-quilting when I wanted to be on the new machines

So I was between machines but wanting to move some of my works-in-progress forward...and I decided to hand quilt my Swoon, that quilt top I started a year ago (January 2012) and finally finished over the holidays.

prepping Swoon blocks 2 - 9

for future Swoon blocks

Swoon 1, 2, and 3
Swoon 4, 5, 6, and 7

Swoon! No way to get a good photo right now (the tall people are still sleeping!)...but it's fully pieced, after 6 months of sitting, partially pieced, in a closet-- and before the end of the year

And now I have outlined 7 of the 9 blocks (in cream and grey perle 8 cotton, using the aqua Etchings blueprint yardage I have been saving for the backing, and Hobbs Heirloom wool for the batting). My plan is to echo the shapes with additional lines of quilting and also to stitch along the sashings strips (which are made of the Etchings blueprint in cream...I ran out of my cream solid background fabric!).

But boy am I aching to get on the Juki and the Bernina, my new-to-me toys!

I really, really want to move on to the quilting of my Farmer's Wife sampler, the making of Pony Club blocks, and some garment sewing experiments for myself...and at the same time, my mind is turning to writing, where it really needs to be during this precious research semester....

What a sweet dilemma, huh? I do realize how fortunate I am.

Swoon, hand quilting this star right now

Anyway, I promised my bloggy friends some progress shots of the hand-quilting...I warn you that my personal standards for hand quilting are fairly low, the effect is just soft and homey, nothing prize-worthy here.

Swoon back, hand quilting in progress

But Ramone and Penelope are big, big fans of all this hand-quilting, so I may have ribboned in the Kitty Cat Quilt Show.

Swoon, hand quilting in progress

an attempt at a photo of centre block from Swoon


Archie The Wonder Dog said...

Your quilt is gorgeous!

Nic said...

Beautiful quilt - love the colour palette. Enjoying the hand quilting?
Definitely looks like the cats approve

Annabella said...

I'm so pleased you are handstitching the swoon - it will be perfect :-)

Prof. S (the enchanted bobbin) said...

Thank you, my friends! I *am* enjoying the hand quilting...even though my mind is already skipping ahead to other tasks and other projects :)

Claudia said...

Jennifer, your Swoon is super pretty and I love the rustic look of the hand-stitches. You've inspired me to do some handwork. I always seem to crave it after using the machine intensively. And it's something you can do when you're too tired to piece or sew at the machine.

Sue said...

The cats have good taste. Swoon looks really lovely. My mantra is....It doesn't need to be perfect, it needs to be consistent.