Saturday, February 18, 2012

Enchanted Bobbin's fabric finds

I am addicted, in some kind of primal, fundamental way, to bargain hunting -- to searching, researching, weighing options.  This has always been the case, it impacts every part of my life, and I am comfortable with it!

But I do have an issue with fabric bargains: I find them very, very, very tempting, but I find more than I can possibly purchase, and I have been purchasing more than I can sew. Clearly this cannot go on.

I am on a zillion mailing lists, so the temptations for fabric bargains are right there, in my inbox, all the time.  I get a little thrill from finding great fabric at great prices, and more than half of my surfing time results in abandoned virtual shopping carts.  If you have seen my fabric stash (it is substantial) then you can comprehend the implications -- the vastness of the fabric bargains I resist!

In an effort to buy less -- I really DO NOT NEED any more fabric!!! -- but still satisfy my appetite for a bargain, I am going to use "fabric find" posts as an outlet. 

Okay, so here it goes, for my sake as well as yours: there are some steals right now at Hancock's of Paducah.

The first major temptation for me were the Sarah Jane prints for Michael Miller at $4.98 a yard -- they have the florals, the pink hopscotch print, the family tree panel, rocket launch.  I love these, and haven't seen them discounted like this anywhere else. Wow!  And it seems that H of P will now let you order just a 1/2 yard of web sale fabrics (they used to have a 1 yard minimum for each sale print).

The other amazing bargain (think quilt backs) are the select Taza prints by Dena Designs currently at just $3.98 a yard (not all Taza is priced this low, so look carefully!).  There is also a Dream On cheater print at 3.98 a yard.  You can imagine the willpower I had to conjure to resist all this.

I know you deserve to feel the thrill of your own pursuit, so I'll just nudge you in the right direction: search H of P for Tula Pink's Parisville or Prince Charming, or Bonnie & Camille's Swoon.  You can thank me later!!

Bargain found, bargain reported, good deed done, temptation averted!

If you pursue any of these fabric finds, please do let me know.  I would be absolutely delighted to know that someone has benefited from my scrounging surfing -- I really would!

ETA, p.s. [for my fellow Canadians:] 
Although Hancock's of Paducah's shipping charges to Canada have suddenly, mysteriously doubled (they now seem to charge $15 flat rate for shipping by Canada Post, rather than $7 as in my own two purchases from H of P), they are still exceptionally well-priced: whether my [abandoned] shopping cart had 7 or 20 yards in it, the shipping cost appeared to be the same.  Also worth noting: the purchases I have made in the past from H of P each took a full month to arrive, but had no duty charges attached. Of course, none of this is a guarantee, but personally I consider Hancock's of Paducah a Canuck-friendly fabric shopping choice. Bonne chance!


Sue said...

Heeheehee......resistance is futile!

Sheila said...

Love a bargain.