Sunday, February 26, 2012

last ditch stitching

Reading week is at an end.  I have read and graded quite a bit this week, but not enough, never enough -- so this evening and (especially) tomorrow will be...stitch-free zones. 

Before that occurs, here's a little progress to report on the king-sized bear paw quilt: 9 of the 30 blocks done.  Frida and Penelope conspired to make this an awkward photo shoot.  Both toddler and kitty were in need of my attention!

And I couldn't resist the pull of the Granny Square fever, begun by Jolene of Blue Elephant Stitches.

I pulled a dark berry-coloured solid and raided my little tackle box of 2.5" scraps, making two of these "granny square" blocks (so far).  These really and truly are quick, so maybe, just maybe I could fit in another one in the next few days...?

Hoping everyone has a good week.  I'll check in on Tuesday with a winner of the giveaway!


Archie The Wonder Dog said...

I love those bear paw blocks!!

LizA. said...

The bear paw blocks are looking good. Ha ha, you are not alone on that granny square bandwagon. I'm doing them with 2" pink and purple scraps for a baby quilt.

Isisjem said...

I keep seeing granny squares everywhere. Love the bear paw blocks too!