Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And then there were 76.

Newly harvested FW blocks:

block 49, Honeycomb

block 46, Hill & Valley

block 84, Spool

block 91, Strawberry Basket

block 101, Wedding Ring

block106, Wild Rose and Square

block 88, Star of Hope

block 99, WCTU

block 25, Cups & Saucers (take 2...still not satisfied, but it's a keeper nevertheless)

I now have 76 blocks total -- time for a group shot! 

Looking at these together, it's a LOT of colour and I'm thinking that this quilt will need wider sashing than Laurie Hird plans for in the book.  The upper of the two white solids in that photo is Essex Linen, and I think that's what I'll use for my sashing. 

That said, I think I'm just about done -- because with wide(r) sashing this is going to be one HUGE quilt, even if I stop at 83 blocks (in the book, 83 blocks are used -- with the narrow 1" sashing -- to make a twin-sized bed quilt).

I'll have to stare at this photo a bit to plan my next steps.  What do you think, wise readers? 2" sashing?  On point?  Tangerine cornerstones or maybe that grassy green? I can't believe I'm almost there!!

Have a great day.


quirky granola girl said...

i love your hill & valley and your wedding ring blocks. i wonder what you'd think about a medium gray sashing instead of white. maybe that's a crazy suggestion, but i think it could work. but...i'm also not big on cornerstones, so feel free to ignore anything i say :)

i just finished 10 blocks in 24 hours yesterday and this morning. crazy. i may redo one and that darned homemaker block needs some work. i think i need to do the corners by hand because my y-seams are terrible.

so happy to be farming with you!!

Annabella said...

I love the KF fabrics in that first block and look at the group photo - they look amazing!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

I love all these blocks in the colours you've chosen. I may not have abandoned the fw qal if I'd realised those blocks could look this good!

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

I love all your blocks, they look wonderful together! How about alternating green and orange cornerstones?!

Angela {fussycut} said...