Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thea's Garden, in progress

This little quilt is coming along, now pin-basted and ready for quilting.  It looks a little crumpled this morning (it was folded overnight), but you can get the basic idea:

The design is from Scrapbasket Sensations by Kim Brackett -- although I made mine smaller and left out the large print border.  To make the "flowers" I drew on samples of old favourites from and new additions to my stash.

My husband commented that the whole thing was looking a little "grown up" for its intended recipient, a 2-year-old girl.  So I tried to lighten things up a bit on the back.

The backing fabric is a yard of a cute Jay McCarroll print that has been looking for a good home, along with some lettering that I improvised...and is thus a little uneven:

This is just a little gift, so I'm thinking I probably shouldn't do any elaborate quilting...maybe just stippling...but then I wonder if I should take every opportunity to keep trying to expand my repertoire.  Can I maintain a category of small, quick projects, and another of ambitious skill-builders?  Any suggestions would be most welcome!


Maxine Schacker said...

it's so sweet,Jen! She'll love it.

Karen said...

I just want to tell you how beautiful your quilt is. I was so excited to see it posted in Flickr. My quilt is Flowers for Nana Girl in Kim's book. Your's is the first I've seen and I love the colors you've chosen. It's very thrilling for me to see your quilt. It's perfect for a little girl. Great job!

Prof. S (the enchanted bobbin) said...

Thank you so much, Karen -- and I have to say that I love the version you made for the book! It's a great pattern, and I bet there will be many more interpretations of it.

I have a post that includes the finished quilt here: