Tuesday, May 24, 2011

When did I do that?

May has turned out to be an unexpectedly busy month, and being caught up with high-priority, time-sensitive tasks leaves me with little creative time...or so I thought.

Last night I gave my (very patient and tolerant) 17-year-old son a look at recent finishes and stitchy items-in-progress -- and it struck me that, somehow, I am managing to keep making things.

I am so glad.

Sewing has become an important part of my life!  I knit for decades, and loved it, and was/am quite good at it, but sewing is so versatile and (sometimes) so quick and satisfying -- it has provided such a welcome balance into my life.

So I am particularly happy to see that even when under pressure and some stress there are still little windows of time into which I can fit some stitching, and those stolen moments do add up....to this:

    and these, made for Christine (her nephew, actually!) in Bee (A Little Bit) Japanese:

With such terrible limits on my time as I've had lately, it has been hard to get motivated to make bee blocks...but I'm so glad I worked on Christine's blocks last night.

She had requested a cheater star, and provided a really cute assortment of car-themed Japanese fabrics.  The second block was also to pick up on the "transport" theme.  I'm calling mine "Ambulance Chaser."

I also started on the week 2 block for the Blue Patch Quilter's Mystery Quilt-along.  More on that soon!