Monday, August 15, 2011

hexie update...and a new project

I have stalled a bit on my hexagons (part of Lynne and Gayle's Hexalong) -- primarily because my 2" diamonds are all tied up, I'm waiting for some more precut ones, and I don't feel like using homemade ones.  But here is where things stand, with many (most) of my hexies put to the side for the time being, and the "constellations" taking centrestage:

I know what you're thinking: that woman should sew less and paint more!  Boy, does our front porch need to be re-stained.  In my own defense, I have been planning to tackle that project, but this summer has been too hot and steamy for painting.  For now, I hope you can just appreciate the rustic look.

In an effort to use less paper I raided my stash for 5 yards of fabric and turned it into a whole lotta napkins.  But since there are five of us, I think I might need more yet.

And a new project is brewing; can't tell you much about it, but here are the first 10 blocks using what you might recognize as Cynthia's "Garden Fence"design.  More to come!

So there we go: one project on hold, one very mundane project complete, and one fun project begun.  Whatever you are tackling today, I hope your week gets off to a good start!


Isisjem said...

Love your hexies. Hope you feel happier about your fabric choices now? Love that orange and yellow apple fabric used in your napkins. So bright and cheery!

Annabella said...

It`s all looking great - I know you have had issues with your hexies but I love what you are doing with the constellations...the napkins are adorable and the garden fence? Beautiful! I love your colour palette - it makes me think of the South of Frnace with those blues and yellows. Lovely.